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"The degree to which you accept responsibility for everything in your life is precisely the degree of personal power you have to change or create anything in your life" - Hal Elrod

Clinical Intake Forms for will be sent via New Client portal.

There are several standard clinical intake forms that we ask each new client to complete:

  1. Contact Information Form. This form provides us with your contact information and allows you to specify how you would like to be contacted in the future by Spark Counseling & Consulting, LLC.

  2. Informed Consent and Authorization for Services Form. This form summarizes important information about confidentiality, fees, cancellation policies, and other practices and policies of Spark Counseling & Consulting, LLC. Please review it, initial where necessary, and sign page 4.

  3. Intake questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to aid assessment and treatment planning by giving your therapist a broad overview of your background and current situation at a glance. All information you provide in this form will be kept as part of your confidential file.

  4. Payment Authorization and Fee Transparency Agreement- These forms coincide with consent to financial responsibility for services rendered ( this my include copayment, coinsurance, etc.)

It should take about 15-20 minutes to complete these forms. So that we can spend your session time focusing on your concerns and not paperwork, we prefer to have you fill them out ahead of time, before the start of the first session. If you are coming as a couple, each spouse should fill out the  history form listed above.


Specializing in Individual Counseling, Couples Counseling, Adolescent and Teen Counseling, Addiction Recovery and Life Coaching in Birmingham, AL.

At Spark Counseling & Consulting, LLC., we are dedicated to providing the best care for individuals, couples, and families.

“Who you are becoming is the single most important determining factor in your quality of life, now and for you future.”

Hal Elrod- The Miracle Morning

This website and its content has been prepared by Spark Counseling & Consulting, LLC for general informational purposes only and does not constitute personal medical or mental health advice. If you think you may have a medical or mental health emergency, please call 911.

Viewing the information on this website is not intended to create and does not constitute a therapeutic relationship.

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